Monday, March 21, 2011

it's really hurt to pretend that i never knew him..

"it's really hard to let go of someone u love..
but..there are times that u have to let go..
not because u want it that way..
but because it's more painful to hang on while he's betraying u.."

it's been almost 2 months since i decided to let go off him.. even though he was being honest by telling the truth..what's the difference??he betrayed my loyalty towards i a pet or something??for 2 years,, I've been loyal and honest,,telling every single thing i'm doing,,listening to his's pretty hard to tell lie to him because of my respect towards him but then,,...hmmhh..

i had never badmouthing him and i guessed this would be the first and the last..thanks to anis,hannah,noer,syahi,nad and farahani especially for giving me a very big support..thanks to you guys,,i've been able to let him go,,my first farahani,,i owe your sayings to him..the day u replied his texts with those exotic words..i'm sorry but i wasn't strong enough to say like that to him...

now?? ooh,,i felt such a relieve..from now on,,i promised myself not to hang on to him..let we head to our own matter how hard it is to pretend that i never knew him,,but that is the only and only way...the most important thing for now is to tackle every subject i'd taken in order for me to make my parents and my family be proud of me!sasa!fighting!

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ReEnApPLe said...

yup... really3 hurt when we have to pretend that we don't know some1 that we know... huhu
just be patient okey!!!