Monday, November 30, 2015


I'll be there as soon as i can
But i'm busy mending broken
Pieces of the love i had before.

It has been approximately 6 months since Mak left.
5 months since i decided to live with dad instead of else where.
4 months since i first started to work as a salesperson with a Physics degree.
3 months since i gave Abah my first salary (and he almost revealed his manly tears in front of me).
2 months since i began to understand how life rules us.
A month since i found out how miserable life actually is, without a mom in a house.

I could feel it.
The times when i feel the most daughter-material.
Cooking meals whole-heartedly,
Doing things every daughter should do when their mom is not around.
And the times when i feel the most youngestestt daughter ever.
See? I even spell it most wrongest lol.
You know, how every youngest daughter is known for their manja-ness yang overdose.
And too lazy to do anything except going wild and free and misbehave.
I felt these two. At times.

So everytime the latter came in,
The yearning of having back someone that had been taken away from me for good, 
that feeling also came in.
As a package.
It was as if the world took the wrong one.
The God had probably mistaken some other person as my Mak.
And maybe now is the right time to correct thing up.
And return back Mak to us.
And that was before I realized that I am just too much.
And too less faith in Him, I was.

And that was way before I realized.
That I still have a father.
One who always take a good care of this youngest daughter of his.
That no matter what the world sees his daughter(s) as,
His eyes only see  the best thing they had ever seen.
Which is his children.
And I could never be more grateful.
For having the chance to please him.
Again and again.

Today and every day.