Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Light Writing

And I fell for the wrong mission
Drowning in slow motion
Lucky I found
The photograph - Liyana Fizi

  “like a deer in the headlights, frozen in real time and I'm losing my mind, it's time to move on”

Assalamualaikum silent readers :)

Well alhamdulillah for still breathing, living healthily. I'm as grateful as always. Today is no exception. :)

This past two weeks was full of chaos. I was hoping for a candy week ahead before I realized this week is gonna be a hectic week. Tapi takpe, Allah will never burden you with something He know you wouldn't able to bear.

Alahai, dah lama rupanya tak cuci mata kat sini. Bukak-bukak dashboard pagi ni baru perasan ada anonymous komen 11hb yang lepas. Lol.

I know I sometimes can't control my emotions. I can be a mad cow at times but it could be once in a month or two. Heheh. No I don't expect people would like to read my entries all the time. Me is no Keknis or Dena Bahrin anyway.

Uh, tone penulisan harini random sangat kan. Liyana Fizi kata 'tragedy happens in a wonderful time'. I guess my life is too wonderful for tragedy over tragedy to happen lol. Tapi kan, setiapkali aku rase tengah bertragedi, aku akan cakap kat diri sendiri, 'Sokeyy Sasa, benda-benda ni yang akan buat kau lagi menghargai nilai hidup kau nanti.' I know I might say it out of sympathy towards my ownself but who cares? It helps.

By the way people, pergi lah tengok cerita Kolumpo kat pawagam! Best tahu tak? Lagi-lagi minah kampung yang tak hidup kat Key-Ell macam aku ni kan, haaa pi tengok. Bukak sikit mata tu. Life in Kolumpo is not the same like Jobaru. Eh? Haha.

Eh actually, there's sooooooooo many stories to tell but later lah. Today's a bit busy. Assignments dengan upcoming tests berlambak padahal dah minggu terakhir lecture. Huwaaak!

Till then! Bubye! ^^

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